The Kids Into Discovering Science Program is an outreach program based at the University of California, Davis, that serves students in Lake County, California. Our program focuses on place-based ecology, the experimental process, and hands-on, investigative science education.

For UC Davis students, faculty, and staff: we welcome volunteers at all levels of experience for classroom teaching, field trip teaching, and curriculum assessment and development. To get involved, attend a recruitment meeting or e-mail us at kids.ucdavis@gmail.com. Our program runs each year from January through April, with planning and curriculum development in the off-season. Experienced graduate student volunteers may be eligible to apply for a GSR position to work on the program, and undergraduates may be able to get internship credit to work on program assessment research. When there is enough interest, we often run a winter quarter seminar on topics related to out program, such as science education and curriculum development.

For educators and science communicators elsewhere: Our curriculum is available for free on this website and we encourage you to adapt our program for your own school and local environment. We only ask that you credit our program when you use our materials. The version of the curriculum available at EcoEd includes tips on adapting the curriculum for different environments and grade levels and notes Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards that our program meets or may meet with some modifications. We encourage you to contact us at kids.ucdavis@gmail.com with any questions and for advice on setting up your own program.